T25 Schedule

You’re all set to workout, you’ve been looking forward to this session all day, and the last thing you want is to struggle to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing. Luckily enough, Beachbody have provided an excellent T25 schedule, which takes the guess work out of each workout.

You can download the T25 Schedule here:



In order to make your life easier, we’ve created the T25 schedule from the T25 workout calendar. So if you’re unlucky enough to lose your calendar, or perhaps you’re travelling, you can always just come back to this page to reference what you should be doing. The workout provides a simple to follow two month program.

It should be noted that the workout calendar doesn’t need to stop after two months. There’s an additional workout named ‘Gamma’, which can be bought separately and will allow you to elevate your fitness even further.

T25 Schedule: First Months Workout

The first month of the Focus T25 workout provides a solid foundation to build upon. Shaun T will take you through the foundation moves and exercises, which will increase your fitness to a level where you can take on month two of the T25 schedule. The workouts this month consist of five workout routines, that each focus on a different area of the body. By the time the week is up you’ll have worked every area of your body and you’ll definitely feel that you have. Pro tip: take plenty before pictures so you can see how much progress you’ve made at the end of the T25 schedule.

T25 Schedule: Second Months Workout

In the second month of T25, you’ll learn four new workouts. The workouts will be intentionally harder than the previous months, but you should have increased endurance to match the new fitness requirements. You’ll be glad to hear that the workouts remain around 25 minutes long. At this point if everything is going well you should start to notice changes to your physique. The first months workouts will also be less gruelling, you’re now becoming a T25 beast! The T25 month workouts will really push you to get the desired results, keep at it and you’ll get there.

T25 Schedule: Third Months Workout

If you’ve purchases the Gamma workouts, you’ll continue your workouts into month three. In this month you’ll learn four new workouts which will challenge your body to push itself hard and really get the results you deserve. If you’ve come this far I would definitely recommend diving into the Gamma program to give yourself the best results that you can.