Paleo Restart Review

In this Paleo Restart Review we’re going to take a look at the Paleo programme developed by Sébastien Noël. Is the diet any good, does it do what it claims to do and is it worth your money?

Paleo Restart Review: What The H*ll is Paleo Anyway

For those of you that have missed out on the rise of the Paleo diet, there are a couple of things you need to know. Paleo is more than just a fad diet; it’s a fundamental adjustment to the way and types of food we eat. The most important tenant of Paleo is that you can only eat things that were accessible to your ancestors, think less last centuries ancestors, more about your caveman ancestors. Basically, if a caveman couldn’t eat it, then you can’t eat it either.

This means you’re left with the hunter gatherer food types, which is lots of meat, fish, nuts, greens, seeds and vegetables. No processed food is allowed, so no bread, pasta or Mc Donalds.

The beauty of a paleo diet is that there’s very need for calorie counting, as long as you’re sticking to the allowed foods you’re OK from a Paleo point of view.

Paleo Restart Review: Why Restart?

Sébastien is no stranger to the Paleo world, he’s successfully run several paleo related blogs and written a ton of content on the matter, he’s definitely a subject matter expert when it comes to Paleo. He believes that one of the main reasons that people are not able to stick with the Paleo diet is that it’s quite a complex change to easily incorporate into your life, leaving many people with the feeling that it’s just not worth the effort.

To address this problem, Sébastien created a 30 day programme to ease you into the paleolithic lifestyle and makes transitioning to Paleo as painless as it can be.

Paleo Restart Review: 30 Day Programme

Sébastien chose to have Restart as a 30 day programme for a couple of reasons.

There’s evidence that suggests that it takes our intestines around 21 days to get used to a major digestive change. In this period you may experience ‘interesting’ bowel movements due to the increased fibre consumption and your body adjusting to the new healthy foods. Any less than desirable side effects should fade away within the 21 day time frame.

There’s also a widely held belief that it takes 21 days to form a habit. I’m not a fan of this thinking, as it makes it seem that after 21 days the effort required to commit to something is somehow lessened. In my experience this is not true, you still need to push yourself to go to the gym, despite going four times a week for the last 10 years. It’s discipline that keeps you going and not habit. I think it’s important to appreciate the work that goes into keeping something good going and not just chalk it up to forming a good habit.

Paleo Restart Review: What Does It Consist Off?

The Paleo Restart programme provides almost every conceivable bit of information and tool you’ll likely need as you transition to a new way of eating.

The main bulk of the programme is a hugely informative and detailed cookbook that has a variety of simple, yet tasty and nutritious meals to suit any taste or preference. There’s a collection of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, so there’s a ton to keep your palette interested for a long time.

You’ll find options for many of your existing favourites, such as BLT and Tacos, but obviously with a Paleo twist. As you learn to cook these meals, you’ll start to learn what goes into a good Paleo meal and start coming up with your own ideas.

The recipe book is just the starting point of your transition to paleo; it provides a solid foundation to build upon and will hopefully inspire you to get recipe choices from other sources.

Included in the programme is access to the Paleo Restart portal, which provides access to the dashboards, support forums, advice, meal planners and logs to track your progress. The dashboard has been gamified, so as you enter journal entries and track meals you’ll earn badges and reward for your work. It’s a nice twist which helps to keep you motivated and is especially fun if you can compete with a friend or partner. Nothing says ‘I love you’ than beating your partner at weight loss.

While Paleo Restart is sold as a 30 day programme, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from running it again and again. In fact the more times you run it, the more economical it becomes. But even if you only run it once, it’s a great way to ease your way into a Paleo.

Paleo Restart Review: How Did I Find It?

I started the Paleo Restart diet on a high, eager to make a fundamental change to the way I eat and start seeing those caveman gains. However, I quickly realised my cupboards were full of non-Paleo foods… all of which were bagged up and dropped off at the food bank. At this point I began to wonder how would I cope without my readily available supply of Ramen?

After a quick flip through the recipes and with the assistance of the meal planner I came up with a shopping list that would feed my husband and me for the next week. I chose not to inflict Paleo on my dog, simply because I have no idea what dog foods are Paleo friendly.

Week 1

Example Days Food

Breakfast: This morning was a Sunday so I had the luxury of putting a bit effort into breakfast; we feasted on egg, bacon and sweet potato skillet, delicious.

Lunch: Spicy Shrimp with Zucchini noodles… maybe a little bit too spicy for the delicate palette of my other half, but definitely tasty

Dinner: Mexican bean and beef wraps. No bread here, just lettuce acting as glue to hold the wrap together, very good.

The food in week one was very tasty and I’ve not been hungry at all, the food is incredibly satisfying and satiating. I’ve not missed my processed food so far and there have been no complaints from the rest of the family. Thumbs up from everyone. One thing I have noticed though is the need to frequent the bathroom is up slightly, I’ve put this down to the increased fibre from all the beans and veg.

Week 2

Another week done with Paleo and we all still love the food. There have been no requests for takeaway Pizza, and if there are I have a special Paleo pizza recipe up my sleeve! Trips to the bathroom are now regular and consistent… all good from that point of view. I’m feeling good and I’ve not been tempted by the boxes of donuts that seem to turn up at work every day.

Week 3

The tracker, food log and meal planner have helped immensely. I often don’t have time to research and plan meals for the week ahead so the simple meal planner and shopping list produced is a great asset.
The food continues to be well received by the family and we’ve not even got through even an eighth of the recipes.

Week 4

It’s the final week of the programme and everyone is still enjoying the food.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really been tracking my weight, but I’m positive I’ve lost something. My pants are definitely feeling looser.
One thing that is apparent though is the increased energy levels, I feel positively buoyant and there’s never a lethargic overly full feeling after a meal.

I love Paleo!

Paleo Restart Review: My Conclusion and Thoughts

The one criticism I can level at the Paleo Restart Programme is the lack of information provided around the why question. I think Sébastien has come to the conclusion that everyone knows why Paleo is good and why it contains the foods it does. So if you’re looking to understand more about the Paleo fundamentals, you’ll need to so some of your own research. Luckily there’s a ton of information out there already.

Sébastien has done a great job of providing all the tools and information you’ll need to get started with a Paleo diet. There’s nothing I felt was lacking or needs to be changed, the recipes, meal planner and shopping lists proved to be invaluable, saving me a ton of time every week.

The real test of a diet like this is how well it’s received by the rest of the family, seeing how some of them are slightly fussy. On those points the diet was flawless, not a single meal was met with an unfavourable response. To put that into context, there are normally at least two meals a week which are met with an unenthusiastic response.
I would suggest that the Paleo diet be not treated as a diet. The word diet conjures up ideas that it’s something you run for a while before returning to your normal eating habits. I think Paleo should be treated more as a lifestyle change and something you’ll want to stick with for a long time.

There’s an additional benefit of the Paleo Restart programme which I’ve not already covered, it’s covered by a no fuss 60 day money back guarantee. So if after 58 days you decide it’s not for you it’s dead easy to apply for a refund, which is brilliant.

Overall Paleo Restart is a great introduction to Paleo and helps ease you into the lifestyle with the minimum of fuss. If you’re considering a Paleolithic change then I can’t recommend Restart enough, it’s worth every penny.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Paleo Restart Review, if you have any questions or would like to know more, feel free to reach out in the comments or go to our facebook page.