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Athletic Conditioning is a Live Cathe Friedrich workout that will rev up your metabolism for the whole day.

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Athletic Conditioning is a total body workout with a brief, intense measure cardio routine that quickly transforms into a sculpting segment.     (The measure routine is intense but the choreography is simple.     Everyone can perform the motions.)

Here’s a peek at the workout:

The sculpting periods use a lot of compound exercises that will help keep your heart rate elevated and result in a higher calorie burn by the time this regular ends.

I love this live workout.   You’ll need the majority of your dumbbells and few different parts of equipment.

Let me explain…

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This is one of the toughest Cathe Live workouts in her library.   It is awesome.    

The majority of the weights used in every section aren’t that heavy but Cathe keeps the tempo fast so you’ll be glad she’s not going any heavier.   The purpose of Athletic Conditioning is muscle endurance so consider high reps and fast speed with light(er) weights.

Form is always very important when you lift weights.   If you add speed to your sculpting exercises it is even more important that you pay attention to your form.    Move slower than Cathe should you need to so you don’t harm yourself.

Cathe uses a measure with TWO risers on each side to your measure routine.   She adds the additional riser on every side to your strength-training portion.   In the event that you just have 4 complete risers you’ll be fine.   If you’ve been meaning to purchase more risers you can locate them HERE.

Don’t be intimidated by this measure.   If you can not do any intricate choreography then you are at the right workout.  

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Cathe is generally pretty good about telling you which DB’s she is using but if she forgets here’s a useful cheat sheet you can mention for every one of her Live workouts.