MMA Plyo – Find It & Work It review!

Here’s a super quick review of the movements you are going to see in MMA Plyo!

Total Time: 3 minutes

Equipment: none

Rather than throwing a knee, Then you throw a punch.     The first point to grasp – step your lead leg
forward, lift your back knee, step backwards.
Now, as you lift your Back knee, throw a cross punch and Then straighten your
leg from the back.     Whew!

  • Front Flying Knee

Step with your back Knee, Push hips forward, clinch knee,
shuffle backward.   Don’t forget to maintain the
center tight.

  • Rear Flying Knee

Step forward with your lead leg, clinch the Elbow, land in
Your non-dominant posture, push off and shuffle back to finish in your beginning
position.     Engage core and drive hips forward.

  • Front Leg Check

Boost your front leg up and Pull your elbow to the Interior of
the thigh.   Crunch your obliques.

  • Rear Leg Check

Do exactly the exact same leg lift your back leg.


Well those were more exciting than Normal.     Now go do MMA Plyo my pals!


Released at Wed, 24 May 2017 20:01:40 +0000