Weight Loss

Bodyweight Burn Review: 12 Weeks of Working Out

One of the recent hit workouts to make it big last year was Bodyweight Burn, a quick workout focused on maximising burning fat with only your body weight to provide resistance. Developed by renowned fitness guru Adam Steer, Bodyweight burn makes some impressive claims as to what you can accomplish in the 12 week...

ChaLean Extreme Review: Fitness for Everyone?

Thinking about getting fit can be a confusing and daunting process. There’s so much information available, and there is no one fit all solution. You might read an article which tells you that you must do something, else all your efforts will be in vain, and the very next day you might read another...

Ultrasport F-Bike Review: My Week of Cycling at Home

One of most popular exercise bikes currently on Amazon is the Ultrasport F-Bike. Having spent a week with the bike in-between my legs I can appreciate why it’s so popular, it’s cheap and it folds away into a fairly compact space. This places the bike firmly into the first time home bike buyers’ market,...

Tai Cheng Review: Tai Chi for 2017 My Experience

Tai Cheng Review You might be one of those people that loves to work up a sweat with high impact interval training, maybe you attend spinning classes and then relax with a spot of Yoga, maybe you’d like to try something a bit different like Tai Chi? Before we dive into the Tai Cheng Review,...

My Honest Hip Hop Abs Review

Introduction Hip hop abs is the new sheriff in the fitness world. The simplicity of the whole routine on video thrills many who have worked on fat loss for years. You could have also seen the several videos that feature on the Hip hop abs review online. However, there is a catch; this is not...

Getting the Fix on the 21 Day Fix Review and What it Can Do For You.

In an age where there are a wealth of different diet plans and workout regimens promising fast and unbelievable results, it can be confusing choosing what will work best. Most focus on swift and dramatic weight loss as this is more easily marketable. The 21 Day Fix differs here slightly promising a more believable...


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