bodyweight burn review

One of the recent hit workouts to make it big last year was Bodyweight Burn, a quick workout focused on maximising burning fat with only your body weight to provide resistance. Developed by renowned fitness guru Adam Steer, Bodyweight burn makes some impressive claims as to what you can accomplish in the 12 week programme, but is it possible with just 21 minutes of exercise a day? In this Bodyweight Burn review I’ll take you through my 12 weeks of working out, giving you my honest thoughts and opinions on the programme with some before and after photos to compare.

Bodyweight Burn Review: Who Would Benefit From The Programme?

Looking at the marketing material and information blurb on the bodyweight burn website, it’s clear that the programme is being marketed to women. But, it should be noted that I’m not a women, and I still managed to get results from the 12 weeks of working out. Like almost any workout routine, both men and women can stand to benefit from the same workouts, it’s almost always silly to say that certain exercises only benefit one sex.
If you’re a women and you’re concerned about excessive muscle gain from a workout, resulting in a physique from a muscle magazine, you can be assured that it will not happen to you. Women are simply not capable of gaining muscle in that way; your bodies are not equipped with the right chemicals. Most of these muscle bound women you see are taking supplements to chemically enhance their ability to put on muscle mass. If you workout and eat right you’ll look firmer, fitter, leaner and healthier, not muscly.

Bodyweight Burn Review: Types of Exercises

The program is made up of three types of workouts, which are combined within the workout phases to maximise weight loss. Adam Steer calls it his BW3 Workout System and is made up of the following exercises:

Bodyweight Burn

Bodyweight Cardioflow Workouts

The Bodyweight cardioflow workout is probably a bit different to what you’re used to. The workout consists of a bodyweight exercises which are performed seamlessly linked together.

You’re going to be concerned with reps during this workout; instead you’ll always be moving, with each exercise flowing into the next with no stops for rest or recovery. The idea behind it is it’ll maximise your calorie burn, but without overworking yourself, so you can still recover from some of the more intense workouts. The better your recovery, the better your next training sessions will be and the faster you’ll burn fat.

Bodyweight Afterburner Workouts

Afterburner sessions are an intense form of circuit training which utilise your body weight to its maximum to get the best from the workout. The sessions are intended to maximise the fat burned during the short workout. To put it simply, the workouts are tiring, intense and will have you sweating in no time, but they are also hugely beneficial for your weight loss and fitness goals. The workout is claimed to continue burning fat for over 24 hours after finishing the session.

Bodyweight Metabolic-Muscle Workouts

The bodyweight metabolic-muscle workout has been designed to allow your body to both build new muscle and maintain the existing lean muscle already created. The muscle will improve your appearance, creating a slimming effect and will even burn calories when you’re a rest.

Bodyweight Burn Review: Working Out To A Schedule

The Bodyweight burn program is split into two six week sections, each with a particular focus and goal in mind.

Metabolic Base

The first six weeks of the schedule are intended to build up a foundation of functional lean muscle and will also kick your metabolism into gear. The phase will have you working out six days a week, which is broken down into two cardioflow sessions, two afterburner sessions and two metabolic-workout sessions. The 7th day of the week is a rest and recover day. The exercises performed during each session will vary slightly, which helps keep things interesting and avoids exercise ‘boredom’.

As the name of the phase suggests, you’re building a fitness and metabolic base with which will help you perform even better in the next phase, Metabolic Explosion.

Metabolic Explosion

As with the previous phase, you’ll be working out six days a week, with one day set aside for rest and recovery. You’re going to really focus in on the afterburner and metabolic workouts, giving it everything you’ve got to maximise your fat burning capability. It may sound like allot, but remember you’re only working out for ~21 minutes a day, which is not even the length of a short TV programme.

I found it beneficial to always keep in mind the shortness of the workouts, which really allowed me to push myself during the workouts. It’s definitely hard at times, especially when you are giving it your all, but anything worth doing needs to be worked at. Don’t get me wrong, going flat out for the full 21 minutes is probably not possible for most people, but working your hardest is.

Bodyweight Burn Review: Eating Your Way To Success

I’ve stated this before, results are 60% nutrition. And Bodyweight burn is no different. How well you stick to the nutrition plan will go a long way to deciding how much weight you lose. There’s just no two ways about it, your calories in must be less than your calories burned in order to lose weight.

bodyweight burn

Part of what makes bodyweight burn so accessible is the excellent meal planner included. The meals are co-ordinated with the workouts to maximise the results gained, you’re even given the opportunity to have a couple of cheat days to indulge your cravings a little bit.

The meal planner is broken down into five types of food days, with the workout schedule dictating which type of food day you’re to have on any day.

  • Low Carb Day: You’ll have three meals in a day, which will include protein, healthy fats, and lots of delicious vegetables. You may also have two snacks and supplement with a protein shake.
  • Moderate Carb Day: Again you’ll have three meals a day consisting of protein, healthy carbs and a small amount of carbohydrates, as well as lots of vegetables. A protein shake is also recommend after a workout.
  • Good Carb Days: On the good carb day you can indulge your craving a little bit and there are no portion size controls. Just don’t overdo it.
    Back Load Days: No eating requirements, just don’t over eat. On this day you’ll consume your days carbs after your workout.
  • 24 Hour Fast: This is an optional day, where you’ll be encouraged to fast for 24 hours. The idea is to deplete your glycogen supplies and force your body to consume fat supplies. It’s not absolutely necessary to do this, but if you can manage it, it’s probably worth doing.

Bodyweight Burn Review: What’s Included

You get a ton of information, guides, videos and other goodies with the bodyweight burn workout program, which are there for you to refer back to and keep forever.

BMW3 Manual

The BMW3 manual contains the meat of the bodyweight burn workout. Here you’ll learn every tip and secret to burn fat in fastest and safest way possible. You’ll also learn about Adams theory behind the workout, why it works and what you can do to get the best results possible. The step by step guide takes you through the 12 week program in a easy to understand format and answers any questions you might have.

Quick Start Guide

The quick start guide will keep you on the right track throughout your Bodyweight burn journey, allowing you to prepare in advance for every stage and workout, ensuring you’re not wasting time and you can maximise your workouts.

Exercise Manual

The exercise manual is informative and complete description of every exercise performed throughout the program. You’ll find photo’s as well as instructions to perform each exercise safely and with the correct form.

Wall Charts

The charts are an easy reference guide for each workout, allowing you to keep working out and not wasting time looking up what you should be doing. These are invaluable and I would recommend hanging them wherever you workout.

Integration Guide

If you already workout, or perhaps you swim, run or do any other sort of sport, then chances are you’ll not want to stop what you’re already doing. The integration guide tells provides the tools and know how which will allow you to integrate the bodyweight burn into your existing workout schedule. This is great if you want to supplement whatever you’re currently doing to meet a specific goal.

Video Library

The video library, as the name suggests, contains all the exercise videos for the workout program. You can either watch these online or if you prefer you can download them to your computer to watch offline. Regardless, the videos are your to keep and watch for as long as you want.

The videos are in two sections:

  • Instructional Videos: these videos show you how to perform each type of exercise
  • Workout Videos: the easy to follow along 21 minute workouts are represented here. Just start the video which relates to your particular workout day and of you go. They’re dead easy to follow along with and Adam is information and easy to watch.
  • Audio Files: If you’d prefer, you can instead listen to the audio versions of the 21 minute workouts, freeing up your eyes to look at other things.

Bodyweight Burn Review: My Results

My starting stats:
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Weight: 190 lbs
Activity Level: Moderate

I started the workout on the 2nd of January 2017 and committed to the workout as best as I could. I did miss a couple of sessions due to weekends away, work and other unforeseen circumstances. But I did as much as I could with my busy schedule.

The workouts were mostly enjoyable and short enough that it was difficult to find an excuse not to do them; being a father of two small children my spare time seems to lessen every day. This workout fitted in with my schedule perfectly.

At the end of the 12 weeks I felt better, and even if I do say so myself, I looked better. As you can see in the before and after photos below, I’ve lost quite a bit of gut. Overall I managed to burn away 17lbs of fat, which is not half bad. It’s not quite the 21 lbs promised in the marketing, but I perhaps wasn’t as strict with my eating as I should have been. I’m definitely pleased with my results and I can definitely see myself incorporating some of these workouts into my usual workouts.

Bodyweight Burn Review: Conclusions And Thoughts

I’m more than impressed with the bodyweight burn workout, it provides an effective workout which requires no additional equipment and is far cheaper than a gym membership. The content is concise and informative and Adam has done a great job in keeping the workouts interesting and fun. If you’re even considering the workout then I would say go for it, the workouts come with a generous money back guarantee so even if you find it’s not for you, it’s easy to apply for a no fuss refund.

The workout is a perfect choice for anyone with a busy schedule or doesn’t have much time to commit every day. The exercises are suitable for most people, I personally know off a 59 year old that has completed the 12 week program, so age shouldn’t be a barrier to entry.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our bodyweight burn review. If you’ve tried the workout yourself, please let me know in the comments below, it would be great to hear of your successes or failures.