BEACHBODY ON DEMAND: Digital Unlocks Now Accessible

Unlocked Digital DownloadsIt’s a digital world! And Beachbody has taken notice. First with the release of This Beachbody On Demand platform. And today we have Digitally unlocked workouts!

This is great news for us Beachbody on Demands fans! We are now able to unlock and take advantage of huge savings on versions of workouts including T25, Body Beast and CIZE programs. These can be the foundation kit, deluxe and foundation & deluxe workout packages.

What is Beachbody On Demand Digital Unlock?

For a while, Beachbody On Demand subscribers can unlock a complete Purchased Program without purchasing the DVD kit. When an On Demand subscriber is worth it to unlock a Beachbody Purchased Program, they get unlimited access to flow it under Purchased Programs as long as they’re a paid Premium Team Beachbody member. Digital Unlocks enable members to gain access to foundation kit workouts, deluxe upgrade workouts, or even a foundation & deluxe bundle packages. Additionally, they will receive access to the online downloads of the nutritional program guides and work out calendars. No shipping costs or waiting for delivery. Equipment is sold separately.

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How Can Digital Unlock work?

To unlock a Purchased Program, follow the following steps:
Step 1 Log in to Beachbody On Demand
Step 2 Find and click on the program (Body Beast, Cize, or T25) which is currently not available in Purchased Programs under Premium Content.
Step 2 Click “Unlock Now” on the app page.
Step 3 Follow the buy procedure to complete the Digital Unlock.
Step 4 After purchase is complete, the application will be immediately accessible under Purchased Programs.

Notice: Digital Unlock is only available for purchase through Beachbody on Demand when using a PC or Mac. It won’t be accessible through Apple TV, Roku or some other platform in the beginning.

Is the cost to unlock digital content lower than buying the DVD app?
Yes. The Digital Unlock cost of this program is about 50% less than the DVD app kit.

Can content be unlocked on all On Demand capable apparatus? Content can only be unlocked on the Beachbody on Demand site.

Is unlocked digital articles accessible on all On Demand capable apparatus?
Yes, but only through the Team Beachbody account where content was purchased.

Does a Digital Unlock become available immediately after purchase?
Yes. Once unlocked, programs are immediately available in Purchased Programs.

Can subscribers unlock deluxe workouts?
Yes. On Demand subscribers can buy access to deluxe workouts at additional cost.

Are Network Exclusive bonus outs provided? Network Exclusive workouts aren’t accessible through Digital Unlock.

Can work in just a program be unlocked individually? A la carte Digital Unlock workout purchases aren’t available.

Does a Digital Unlock also grant access to the app’s nutrition guides, etc?
Yes. All digital program materials are made accessible.

Do any Digital Unlocks come with equipment? Equipment is sold separately.

What is the Digital Unlock money back guarantee?
30 days.

Are Digital Unlocks Accessible without a Compensated On Demand membership? Digital Unlock content is only available with paid On Demand membership.

In case a BOD subscriber cancels & later re-enrolls, will unlocked articles be accessible?
Yes. For paid members of Premium TBB, all unlocked content is available with the same TBB Club accounts email used at the time of Digital Unlock buy.

Digital Unlock Units:

Kit Details (USD) DVD Kit Retail Digital Unlock Retail Digital Unlock Club Members Digital Unlock Coach
Body Beast (Base Kit) $39.90 $19.95 $17.96 $14.96
Body Beast (Tempo Workouts) $29.95 $14.95 $13.46 $11.21
Body Beast (Base + Deluxe Bundle) $69.85 $34.90 $31.41 $26.18
Cize (Base Kit) $59.85 $29.95 $26.96 $22.46
Cize (Weight Loss Series) $29.85 $14.95 $13.46 $11.21
Cize (Base + Deluxe Bundle) $89.70 $44.90 $40.41 $33.68
Attention: T25 (Base Kit) $119.85 $59.95 $53.96 $44.96
Attention: T25 (Gamma) $59.85 $29.95 $26.96 $22.46
Attention: T25 (Base + Deluxe Bundle) $179.70 $89.90 $80.91 $67.43

Beachbody Digital Downloads

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